Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"We live in a ruled country"

A friend of mine, 'God God' wanted me to post this.

GOD GOD "In this country we've got rulers and we've got rules so its a ruled country.
Anarchy is society without rulers and rules. We should all be protesting for a free country. "

I agree with him completely, let's fight to make a change!

Also check out his Youtube channel:

Anarchy is Liberty - how can anybody not understand that you cannot be at Liberty with people ruling you - law is rule - lawed is ruled - rule of law - you do not have the right to rule another mans life - YOU CANNOT BE FREE AND RULED - being free is possible and not chaos because it is right to be free - how much more simple could it be ? The mental confusion that people are in which is caused deliberately so people cant understand this is chaos