Thursday, March 1, 2012

EQUAL FEST II >< Friday March 2nd & 3rd

Each band has at least one female member.
Come celebrate equality whether you are man or woman!
1 In 12 Club, BRADFORD UK

LICH Crusty sludgy noisy hardcore from Margate

SEVERED HEAVEN All female blackened death/doom metal from Leeds

BEARDS post punk garagy disco from Leeds

ETAI KESHIKI anarchafeminist noisy screamo punk from Leeds

NERVOUS TWITCH 70's feeling retro catchy pop punk, Leeds

MECHAGODZILLA - grind blues noise from Wigan featuring members of Narcosis and The Ergon Carousel

EXECUTIVE LEGS - energetic shouty, messy, squelchy, dance pop mayhem from Leeds.

NU POGODI - anarcho punk from all over UK

JESUS AND HIS JUDGEMENTAL FATHER - queer pop punk from Leeds

PUDGE - melodic punk from Sheffield

NINE BULLETS - anarcho punk from Glasgow

RADIO PARTIZAN - post punk alternative with radical lyrics from Leeds