Tuesday, January 3, 2012

fuk o fuk, it's 2012!

Happy New Year Guys!
2012 has been predicted by cosmic radicals as the year human civilisation, as we know it, will explode into a million pieces. Ok.... so when was the last time civilisation has actually been civilised, is my question..but anyway.. lets blast some music, and fuk tomorrow, cuz we're all going down together! 
As for 2011, well I pissed some people off, but always stood my ground and true to myself while others followed bullshit like flies. I promise though,  incase this world decides to suffer through a little longer, I will still go on fighting for what I believe in!
So let me get to the first review/band intro of the year-- BUSUK!
Ok so this band is another jewel from Indonesia, and shit, this country keeps spitting out some viscious cool trax from unique bands of all genres. Busuk is labled as a grindcore band, and I can hear a lot of influence and grind vibe in the vocals, and tight drums, but other wise, their song Virus Mind includes a very impressive melodic crusty punk riffs. While their song Blow Your Mind has some hardcore punk style, that I appreciate. The vocals are very rough and angry, screaming with  frustrations, I really like the guitar too, it has a bit of an underground  industrial influence with it. Anyway, thats my take, I like it though, check it out. I'm supposed to get an e.p. from them soon, but you can download their 2 songs off of the reverb nation page.
BAND PAGE: https://www.reverbnation.com/busuk