Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Mission Statement
The Resistant Culture Pitbull Rescue Project is an attempt to reach out to our supporters in hopes that they'll open their arms and adopt pitbulls into their families.
As a collective we've been working locally to rescue pitbulls since 2009. In honor of Pitbull Appreciation Day we've established a web portal to connect death row pitbulls with human companions in loving homes.

Pitbulls have been demonized for aggressive behavior, however it's the abusive and/or neglectful owners who are to blame.

From our experience spanning years of pitbull companionship, we believe that with abundant love and care, pitbulls can be some of the most gentle, loving, loyal dogs we've ever known.

Due to their unfair social stigma, pitbulls are the least likely to be adopted out of animal shelters. In Los Angeles alone hundreds are put to death every day.

This project is dedicated to our beloved, now deceased pitbull named Chee Since we rescued her from the Harbor Animal Shelter, she taught us the true nature of her breed and of its struggle to survive. Her untimely and tragic death has left a deep scar in our hearts. Her spirit is still with us, and she will live on through our music with her performance in our  Corruption video: