Saturday, April 2, 2011

an Idea

For anybody reading this, you might be interested to know that I sort of want to change the type of posts I make. Well not really change it, I still want to keep posting upcoming shows from out international community, in case you happen to be in the area, and want to know whats going on in our scene near you. The only change I've decided to make on this, is to start a review for punk bands that are booked here in Chattanooga. We must all support each other, but this will help me stay even more involved, it is more or less a challenge for me to get out there and support the local scene myself, whether i happen to listen to the bands from there social networking sites, a new album I picked up or are able to give review for their live shows, I hope to give you a glimpse into the small punk scene we have here in the U.S. Oh and let me know If you are interested in me posting a flier for your band about an upcoming show.